The Object of Stylistics

Lexicologyis from Creek “lexis”-word and from “logos”-learning. Lexicology is the part of(the) linguistic. Learning with the vocabulary of the language and theproperties of words as the main units of language.

The termvocabulary is used todesalt the system formed by the sum total of all the words and word equivalentsthat the language possesses.

The termword denotes the basic units of a given language desalting from the associationof a particular meaning with a particular grammatical implement. A word is asemantic, grammatical and phonological unit.

The generalstudy of word and vocabulary is uneven as general lexicology. Linguisticphenomena and properties common to all languages are generally referenda to aslanguage universals. Special lexicology devotes its attention to description ofthe characteristic features of the vocabulary of a given language. Everyspecial lexicology is based on the principals of general lexicology, whichforms a part of general linguistics.

The evolutionof any vocabulary forms the object of historical lexicology. DescriptiveLexicology deals with the vocabulary of a given language of a given stage ofits development.

It studiesthe functions of words and their specific structures in the system.

Lexicologyalso studies all units of semantic grouping and semantic reclusions. Thedistinctions between 2 basically different ways in which language may be evade.


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